Contrib API Documentation

Welcome to API. This section will help you create applications that utilise our API. We've tried to make things as simple as possible so people with little or no programming experience can use it.

When creating a request, use this URL to submit your query:{method}

Our API accepts both POST and GET request format.

Getting api key

  • Api is generated by admin.
  • Create an email with subject "CONTRIB API KEY REQUEST"
  • In your email, please specify the domain name to be integrated. (should be in contrib/vnoc system)
  • Send your email to [email protected]

Making a Request

Available request parameters are:
  • request — method to be use.
  • key — domain API key.
  • <parameters> — method parameters

    Sample Request:{method}&key=xxxxxxx

API Responses

All API responses varies depends on method called


API Methods

Methods are listed in the left menu